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A foundation of quality and the drive to stand the test of time - these are the things that successful business is built on. With growth in mind, your online presence needs to not only reflect this, but also be able to grow with your business. At Rankusnow, our high quality SEO services are ready to deliver just that, and we do it by applying a few simple standards of quality and best practices. By starting with a proper keyword analysis to identify not only powerful keywords that describe your business accurately, but also that have purchase intent, we lay the foundation for a successful campaign.

An accurate competition analysis will further solidify your position in your market place by identifying what approaches are working and what are not. Following successful trends and avoiding others will take your campaign to the next level. Finally, our team of on-page optimization experts will make sure that all our other efforts do their job. By ensuring your site adheres to industry best practices, we enable it to be ranked successfully and for the long haul. This entire process has garnished us great success and now, it's your turn.

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how long until i see results and why?

If you have keywords that are already ranking: Keywords that you have already may see upward movement in as little as a few days. Top rankings may still not be achieved for upwards of 3 months.

If you have all new Keywords: Keywords that are previously unranked CAN NOT rank at all for a minimum of 30 days. This is due to a phenomenon referred to as Google’s “sandbox effect” explained below.

what is google's sandbox?

For a while now, Google has been implementing a “sandbox effect” on any new sites as a sort of anti-spam measure. This will cause any sites, spam or not, to be unable to rank for a period of 1-4 months. As of 2014, they have also introduced a second “sandbox effect” that affects sites with existing rankings as mentioned above. Any new keywords added to such sites will be unable to rank for a period of 30 days.

you can't rush quality.

Rankusnow is a company built on top quality services and best practices. We do NOT use any black hat methods or spam techniques to achieve our rankings. Each part of our SEO service is done with industry exceeding standards of quality and web development. Every part of our process is designed to promote security and longevity for your website and its rankings.

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can local seo services help me?

If you have a physical brick and mortar location for your business or company, local SEO service may be just the thing for you. Many businesses that operate out of a certain geographical location use online marketing to boost clients both online and offline. Our services can take your clients from online to in-store in no time. At RankUsNow, our team of SEO service professionals can help to create a campaign that will not only compliment your existing SEO services, but also drive in more traffic from your local area. Contact us today and find out just what local SEO can do for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I expect to see upward movement in my rankings?

In most cases, results can take effect in as little as 3 weeks. However, no 2 campaigns are the same. Visit the dashboard to track all of your rankings anytime and see where your campaign is really at.

What sort of a turn around time am I looking at?

In most cases, it will take 30 days. This is to maintain a natural looking campaign and help with the link velocity. Of course, our interactive dashboard is always available to monitor your rankings anytime.

How often can I expect to receive a ranking report?

We email a report every week to keep you up to date on your rankings, but you can access all of your ranking information in our interactive dashboard anytime.

I'm particularly interested in the PBN you are offering, since we pay monthly , do these links simply stay on the blogs every month or do you add the links every month? What is the OBL of the PBN (and TF/CF ratio). What are atomic links exactly?

The PBN aspect of our service is the most powerful and most potent, this is what will propel us above every service out there - we have niche specific PBNs for all manner of niches, if we don't have a niche covered we'll start building one for the client and for corporate clients that want a custom package get in touch we can build out huge PBNs for projects of a bigger nature, as I said the PBNs here are the backbone of the service.

The PBN links stick, they are not removed. There is no set OBL but there is a maximum which keeps the network as a whole under Google's radar. The metrics are good, majority of the sites are 10+ TF/CF ratio, but the most important thing to note is they are niche relevant posts and written to fit the site it's posted on, made to pass manual review and carry extra weight (hummingbird). Max is 10 OBL on the home-page, but it varies on each of the sites to reduce footprint. I could talk all day about this aspect of the service as we're that excited about it!

Atomic links are from mostly from 50-99 DA domains, we post a relevant piece of unique content (article) with a link back to your site. Their purpose is to boost the authority of the money site as a whole, for example sites such as.. sourceforge.net, storify.com and sites of that nature, the exact sites we use for your Atomic links will also depend on your niche and if those sites will accept them.

With this service using PBNs, how can we be safe from Google? Also do you give us access to our other foundational links like login details?

Simple - We OWN these and we're highly skilled in building out huge niche relevant PBNs, if we do not have a niche covered when a new client comes on board we will start building a PBN for them specifically, we are in total control of the PBNs and have built them in such a way as to hopefully avoid any and all footprints just check out the info on our OP and website, we're very proud of this aspect of the service and confident it will result in us outshining any SEO service currently offered here.

Also I'd like to mention that unlike other services we give you complete control of your other links - the PBNs we control obviously, however you get login details for the majority of your public links we build, other services just don't do this which I find unusual when a client is paying for them! Also we do not treat every client the same way here guys - when you come on board we look closely at your current onsite and link profile, we then determine the best course of action going forward with regards to your anchor ratios, only then do we begin our link building.. the difference in this quality of service vs your generic link packages offered in other services will be clear to see over the coming months, stay tuned!

How long are my rankings going to last?

Google's ultimate goal is to establish accurate and relevant connections between search terms and results that are related. At RankUsNow, we don't use any “trick” methods to get you ranked. We too aim to establish relevance and as a result, create traffic that is actually looking for your site and services. With all that in mind, your rankings are built to last for as long as you are relevent to your keywords, and for a business that is established to grow, that can be a long time.

Are my ranking safe from all Google updates? AND ARE THEY UPDATE PROOF?

Anyone promising 100% ranking security is either a fool, or thinks that you are. The truth is the best SEO is built on recognition of patterns of success and repetition of these patterns. The entire industry is funded on trial and error with Google and the leading companies learn more everyday. Quality SEO begins by understanding what actually gets results and giving Google what it is looking for.

Hi will work a german site with german keys ? Or other foreign sites?

Yes not a problem, we are even building out foreign PBNs for you guys with foreign sites.. just completed building a .de PBN for one of our reviewers, the way we figure is that these will always come in use later on as we grow either way so taking the time to build them now even for one client is worth it in the long run.

Since this is a monthly payment, each month can I change the keywords/url? Or will it always be the same keyword/url?

Oh yes you can change details monthly if you feel the need that's not a problem - you can change them from within your private member dashboard.

Just wondering, are you guys handling anchor text diversity? Or is this something we'll need to lay out?

Anchor diversity is an aspect we pay a lot of attention too actually... when you come on board with us we take a look at your current anchor profile and your onsite SEO for the keywords density and unlike other services only then do we plan your anchor distribution based off our findings there, a lot of our work we use minimal instances of your actual keyword if your onsite is on a level it should be.. instead we use clever titles, tags and usage of your keyword in the articles we write - this is real SEO at work, also as you can see mentioned in some of the reviews we get very very creative with your anchor diversity its not the usual "click here" etc we go a lot further for a full on natural looking profile.

What software are you using for your dashboard? Serpbook? Seo proffiler? What is it?

None of the above! It's been built inhouse we have full control and we give you guys the same control from your private client backend, we have a number of great developers on the team working on this, there is more than just rank tracking in there and we're constantly adding to it with some very big additions coming in the next month that I know people are going to be blown away by, stay tuned!

I saw Bad Link Removal, is that for any package?

Our bad link removal isn't the usual bad link removal you'll see here where they give you a list to submit to the disavow tool.. it's much much more than that it's a complete "Link Detox", thus it's sold separately, for better understanding check out our Sales Funnel on the top of our packages page.

You'll also see there we offer a separate "On-Page Consultation" where we will take you by hand and go in-depth with you, every package still gets automatic onsite reports upon signing up but this is a separate one on one to help those that are not sure, both of these separate features let us get clients who are not sure if they have a penalty or if their onsite is up to par on the right track before our work even begins.. As you can tell this isn't your standard SEO service.

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